~Diving Shop in Ishigaki Island,
Kabira Aria~

''SeaJack'' Diving Service in Ishigaki Island 

~SeaJack divefamily in Ishigaki Island~

"SeaJack divefamily" is a small diving service shop in Kabira, part of Ishigaki island.

We welcome all of you enjoy the sea, whether you are advanced, have no diving
experience, need training for a licence, or want to go snorkeling.

We allow you to customize your plan for a small group so that you can take
your time and enjoy yourself in the sea of Ishigaki island.

We hope you make cherished memories in Kabira at Ishigaki island!

~Diving in Manta Ray Point~

"Diving in Ishigaki island" has become synonymous with "manta rays" and
"Manta Point."

SeaJack is located in the Kabira area of Ishigaki island, a world famous diving spot.
From Kabira it takes only 10 minutes to reach Manta Point. We have the best access,
so you don't have to worry about seasickness.

We take advantage of this prime location and have top level services to track the
trends in manta appearances so that both new and experienced divers can see
the mantas.

~Small Group Diving Style~

SeaJack organizes small groups with attentive service, assigning one guide per group
with a maximum of 4 guests.

Our guides want our customers to have fun and want to return to Ishigaki Island
to dive with us again. We want you to feel free to take your time and enjoy diving
in the ocean at your own pace!

In order to provide this service, SeaJack organizes small diving groups.

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