~Diving Shop in Ishigaki Island,
Kabira Aria~

Introduction Diving & Snorkeling of SeaJack

「Your first ever scuba diving in the sea」=Introduction Diving

Don't you want to jump into the cystal clear, perfect blue sea of Ishigaki after seeing the stunning oceanic view?
Don't you want to swim as if you are a fish in the mysterious, beautiful and comforting underwater world?

SeaJack Divefamily is located in Kabira bay, which is the best location that has quick access to both beautiful coral area and Manta point. The latter is where you have high opportunities to encounter the magnificent, gentle and elegant Manta rays. Our experienced instructors are well equipped with knowledge and skills to guide you
into the underwater wonderland.

There are various menu you can choose from to best fit your schedule and requirements. All of them are half day program to save your time for enjoying the rest of Ishigakijima.


【Time Schedule】
8:15 Meet up at SeaJack Shop
8:15~8:45 Preparation for diving and/or snorkeling
at SeaJack Shop 
9:00 Depart to Kabira bay
9:15~9:30 Briefing time and Enjoy 1st point 
10:45~11:00 Break time and Enjoy 2nd point 
11:45~12:15  Back to Kabira bay & SHOP
12:30~13:00 Shower and payment, Drop off to hotel

・Please be kindly noted that time and schedule are subjected to change depending on sea condition and weather of the day.




・Introduction Diving Course (2 Dives)

Session = AM or PM  
Duration = around 3.5 hours
Dive point = Coral point & Manta point

JPY 19,800

・Introduction Diving + Snorkeling Course (1 Dive+1 Snorkel)

Session = AM or PM  
Dnration = around 3.5 hours
Dive point = Coral point & Manta point

Not held

・Snorkeling Course (2 Snorkelings)

Session = AM or PM  
Dnration = around 3.5 hours
Dive point = Coral point & Manta point

Not held

・Price is all inclusive. E.g. diving and/or snorkeling guide fee, boat riding fee, gear rental fee, boat and shop facilities usage fee and etc.
・Optional transportation service (JPY 2,000/person) and lunch box (JPY 700/person) are available.
・Please bring your swimming suit, towel and changing clothes.


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