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Manta Point Diving

Introduction Dive at Manta Point

Among the Manta diving points all over the world, 「Manta Scramble」in Kabira, Ishigaki has been well known for its crystal clear visibility, shallow depth, mostly calm sea condtion on top of the high possibilities to see wild, large yet elegent Manta rays dancing above your head. It is such a great satisfaction for us to meet Manta rays, especially for the first time in life!

シージャック石垣島 アベ
SeaJack DiveFamily welcome all of you, even non-divers, to dive with us and see the Manta rays dancing or even Manta ray wide open their mouths to filter planktons. However, we have some local rules to protect Manta rays:

1. No chasing or touching Manta rays
2. No swimming above or at the same level of Manta rays

シージャック石垣島 アベ
In order to watch Manta Rays, minimal diving skills are needed. For introduction diving, we will guide you and let you practise basic skills in coral area. So that you will have more confidence and could be more relaxed during the second introduction dive at Manta point. Please be undertood that there are possiblities that we could not bring you to Manta point if minimal skills are not demonstrated.

Fun Dive at Manta Point

For certificated divers, Manta point is a beginner diving point. Average depth is less than 10 meters. However, to dive in Manta points, you have to keep something else in your mind, including not to be to close to Manta rays unintentionally if you are too foucus on your camera. That might frightens Manta away. Moreover, pay attention to your dive guide as they know the point and Manta well, please follow dive guide instructions and enjoy your dive in Manta point. The best season for Manta watching is from late August to end of October. But even out of the best season, the chance to meet Manta is relatively high comparing to other areas.

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